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The San Diego City Council has proposed these no-fault rent protections out of a spirit of protecting renters and limiting the incidence of homelessness in the region. While these are undoubtedly good motives, the actual practice falls short of the intention originally considered by the Council. No-fault evictions are those that are unrelated to non-payment…

The San Diego suburb of Chula Vista has passed a new ordinance that is set to take effect on March 1, 2023, and will affect the rights of landlords and building owners. The law is intended to protect renters from being evicted under no-fault law, and offers greater general protection for tenants than previously existed….

The County of San Diego Board of Supervisors on May 4, 2021 will be voting to greatly restrict your rights to your property.  The ordinance far exceeds the restrictions placed by the State of California and it will devastatingly restrict your right and ability to remove tenants. The ordinance retroactively invalidates nearly all pending notices…

UPDATE as of 3/29/21: The CDC Moratorium has been continued to June 30, 2021. Visit here for more info regarding the CDC moratorium extension: There are three new programs across the county of San Diego to assist with rental and utility payments to ease the financial burden for renters with earnings below 80% of…

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