What Our Clients Say:

I cannot thank you enough for bringing resolve & peace back to our neighborhood.
Roughly 6 months ago I started the process of evicting squatters from a property in Fallbrook. Prior to connecting with Rachael and her staff at San Diego Evictions I kept hitting walls in the process of proper eviction.

Once I hired her and her staff they made it clear on everything I needed to do and what they would do to get these squatters of 2 years evicted from the property, in a legal manner.

If you listen to Rachael and her staff and have some patience you will be rewarded with all things taken care of and regaining your property and peace back.

When we did the final eviction they Sheriff that handled the removal of all 12 squatters, she said "you hired the right attorney, all of her details and work made this happen" she went on to explain that most of the time paperwork filed in court isn't filed correctly and she made a point to tell me how it was seamless.


– Joe G.
Team SD Evicts got the job done and were amazing, professional & timely.
We were required to hire an attorney to deal with an eviction where, after service of notices to vacate, the tenant still did not leave. We hired a paralegal to do our notices to vacate, process serving and court papers. Once we found out we were for sure going to be required to go to court, we felt it best to hire an attorney to represent us there.

We hired Rachael, and once our documents we reviewed by her, we found out that while the paralegal service filled out our documents, he did not do them correctly, nor was he certified as a process server, which meant he would be required to be in court to testify that he did in fact serve the documents properly. By this time, the tenant has now been in the property for two full months without payment.

Team SD Evicts were able to get an agreement between us and tenant, negating the incorrectly filed papers from the paralegal. We would've paid the exact same amount had we went to Rachael first, so there was no savings or cutting corners for using the paralegal.

Should we ever need eviction services again, we're going straight here! Thank you SD Evicts!
– Jeanna C.


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