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The County of San Diego Board of Supervisors on May 4, 2021 will be voting to greatly restrict your rights to your property.  The ordinance far exceeds the restrictions placed by the State of California and it will devastatingly restrict your right and ability to remove tenants. The ordinance retroactively invalidates nearly all pending notices and evictions (including ones set for lockout) and will make it virtually impossible to evict tenants for any reason, indefinitely.   


Urgently contact your representative to voice your opinion on this matter and, if possible, participate in the public hearing on May 4, 2021.  Vargas, Lawson-Remer and Fletcher have already approved the ordinance as written, and it only needs three votes to pass on May 4th!    

Nora Vargas (District 1) – Author of Ordinance – Call 619-531-5511 or CLICK HERE to contact Nora Vargas

Joel Anderson (District 2) – Call 619-531-5522 or CLICK HERE to contact Joel Anderson

Terra Lawson-Remer (District 3) – Supporter of Ordinance – Call 619-531-5533 or Email Terra Lawson-Remer at

Nathan Fletcher (District 4) –  Supporter of the Ordinance – Call 619-531-5544 or CLICK HERE to contact Nathan Fletcher

Jim Desmond (District 5) – Call 619-531-5555 or Email Jim Desmond at

Joel Anderson (District 2) – Call 619-531-5522 or CLICK HERE to contact Joel Anderson

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