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The city of San Diego recently updated their eviction ordinances- and the changes impact residents widely. The newly written ordinance goes into effect June 24, 2023 and provides protections for tenants abiding by their leases and rental agreements, lowering the number of ‘no fault’ evictions occurring currently. 

The goals of the new ordinance are to decrease homelessness- a growing social problem- in San Diego, while also reducing hardship on families facing the termination of their rental agreements. Citizens and supporters on both sides of this issue cannot argue the consequences and repercussions of being evicted; the new ordinance aims to resolve this issue and reduce the harm inflicted on San Diegans that rent their homes. 

Want to read the San Diego Eviction Ordinance in its entirety for yourself? Check it out here: Ordinance 21647. Here is what Landlords and Owners need to know: 

A Growing Social Issue 

Citizens on both sides of this often-political issue do not argue that San Diego evictions are rising- with no signs of slowing. Research shows that this high rate of evictions is directly related to the rate of homelessness in the city, which is at an all-time high. Protections for tenants and those that rent their homes are inadequate to protect against a no-fault eviction, and potential homelessness- particularly for the city’s most vulnerable citizens. In fact, 2004’s Tenants’ Right to Know Ordinance did little to address this social problem, making more and more people subject to the consequences of eviction.  

Possible Solutions in San Diego 

Under the leadership of Mayor Todd Gloria and Council President Sean Elo-Rivera, new efforts were launched to ensure that tenants may live without fear of an unjust or unexpected eviction- particularly if they have been abiding by their lease. The underlying goal is to lower the number of evictions in San Diego, thus putting a halt on the rise in homelessness.  

The result is new protections and proposals that include financial assistance, exceptions, and accountability that ensures citizens get to remain in their homes and that fewer families are displaced.  

Amendments to the Eviction Ordinance 

The amendments that were proposed and adopted in April are available for review online through the city of San Diego. While the language may be confusing in some instances, the protections that Mayor Gloria and Council President Elo-Rivera endorse include these:  

  • Immediate protection against unlawful or unnecessary eviction from the first day of tenancy in a rental home. This does not extend to fixed or short-term leases of three months or less.  
  • If you are evicted but through no fault of your own, the tenant is entitled to monetary assistance. For most, this includes two months’ rent relocation which is increased to three months if you have disabilities or are a senior citizen.  
  • The new ordinance amendments allow for more notice when there will be renovations or modifications to the dwelling.  
  • There are provisions regarding resources and education for tenants when moving into a new home. 
  • Additional options for temporary relocations as needed for tenants being evicted or displaced.  

There is a lot more to the ordinance that citizens should familiarize themselves with. You can review the ordinance and amendments here, and are encouraged to contact city and state representatives to share any concerns. Under these newly adopted amendments, it will be harder for landlords and property owners to terminate a tenancy under a no-fault eviction, and it will require a solid reason to do so, as well as adequate notice and notification.  

To learn more about how the eviction ordinance affects you, visit the City of San Diego online. If you are a landlord of a property in the area, these new laws can impact you; learn more regarding your rights are as landlord and/or property owner in San Diego.  

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